Design and Development of a Solar Powered UAV

The project entails the development of a solar powered multirotor-UAV, which will engage the students in a series of design projects towards an ultimate design goal. This will enable them to learn about the practical and theoretical engineering topics related to such an endeavor. In addition, the project provides service to the community by producing advanced technology-driven solutions to institutions, businesses, and society within and beyond the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Optical Tags Alternative to RFID tags

The main objective of this project is to produce a Visible Light Communication (VLC) -based backscatter (based on passive optical tags) and to commercialize it for many useful application.

Optical tags are small devices similar to RFID tags that resolve most of the problems of RFID tags and utilize the available infrastructure in terms of light sources. The basic idea is that these tags are composed of cheap retroreflective material that reflects the light to the direction it comes from. On top of the retroreflective material an LCD shutter is controlled to modulate the reflected light.