The Role of the Private Sector in Research & Development: A Case Study of Saudi Arabia

In this research project, we have explored empirical evidence related to causes and consequences of the low R&D spending in Saudi Arabia, particularly from private sectors. We explored the relationship between R&D spending, total factor productivity, and global competitiveness through econometric analysis of international data. We also surveyed design and implementation among major Saudi companies to understand factors determining low R&D spending by the private sector.


World Economic Forum Executive Opinion Survey (EOS)

  • Investment in the infrastructure is required to support transformation to digital infrastructure.
  • Shifting to green economy through transition to green energy systems.
  • Providing incentives for long-term investments.
  • Shifting to a more progressive taxation system.
  • Enhancing the public services for improved education, labor law, and income support.
  • Creating markets for tomorrow through research, innovation, and invention.