RFID-based Multimodal Wireless Framework for Crowd Monitoring and Control in Hajj

In this research an Expert Crowd Monitoring and Management Framework as a substitution to the current manual crowd monitoring and management system. The framework was designed to deal with the most crowded ritual-symbolic stoning, and to be proactive in predicting potential problems accurately by utilizing smart monitoring of each path of rituals locations’ paths. Dealing with the problems early will help in preventing congestions and their consequences from happening. The framework consists of Pilgrim Sensor Units, Data Collection Units, Database Unit, Expert Crowd Monitoring and Management Unit, Dashboard Units and Notification Unit.


AmanRoute – An Internet of Things (IoT) Architecture for Safety-based Route Planning

The framework is to yield a mobile app that allows users to navigate based on the safety of the target road, and that is supporting the app is an Internet of Things (IoT) architecture composed of smartphones that may be supported by in-vehicle sensors; cellular communications; massive data aggregation and processing; and in-network (cloud) computing. At this stage, considerable progress has been made in the project.



The design & development of Decision Support Tools in the Area of Supply Chain and Airport Operations.

The development and administration of course enriching projects/applications related to supply chain and Aerial Transportation.

The delivery of seminars promoting Problem Solving Approaches (ie: Six Sigma), designing and developing of Decision tools

Outcomes & Measures

  • A gain in the skills and knowledge for the students, the faculty, and the research community on designing and developing Decision tools in the Aerial Transportation field.
  • A gain in Problem solving and Analytical skills. Specifically, the ability to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.
  • An improvement in the overall learning experience of the students through Aerospace industry applications.
  • Alfaisal University faculty and students, and the community at large will develop interest and gain knowledge on problem solving in the field of Supply chain and Operations.

Four different projects at different four companies/organizations were conducted

  • GACA (General Authority of Civil Aviation)
    Airports Management
  • Royal Saudi Air forces: Increasing
    Readiness of AWACS
  • Alsalam Company: Preventive
    and Corrective Maintenance
  • Boeing: Increasing Simulator Availability
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